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 The Process: BAN APPEALS

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PostSubject: The Process: BAN APPEALS   Tue Jun 05, 2012 10:49 pm

So, you want to dispute your ban?...Read on.

To appeal your ban, your reason MUST be valid.
You can't appeal your ban if you were removed by the Anti-Cheat software (PunkBuster, VAC etc) since that will only ban you for HACKING. If you could dispute a ban of this kind...We'd tell you NO anyway.

If you think you were unfairly banned by a member of [CGS], you can state your claim and give information to us that may result in your ban being lifted. Note...I said MAY.

To begin, you'll have to create your own topic in this section. Start it with the title "[BAN] Yournamehere" (or [BAN] **Dillusion** if it was me...example!).
In the first post, give as much information as possible as to WHAT happened, WHERE it happened and WHY you think the decision to ban you should be overturned.
An admin will contact you for more discussion within 24 hours of your request.

  • You CANNOT dispute a 1 day ban.
  • We will not allow disputes on bans where an Beginner Admin (or above) was psysically on the server and witnessed the event that required a ban. If you don't agree with that, speak with the admin themselves...They can handle this kind of situation.
  • The LEader's decision is FINAL.
  • Act your age. Come here and complain like a kid...You will be treated like a kid.
  • Once a decision is made on whether or not to overturn your ban, it will be accepted. No gloating if you win, no bitching if you lost.

This is dispute resolution 101. Don't like it...Theres the door.

--[CGS Leader]--

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The Process: BAN APPEALS
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